After my second daughter's birth, I decided to leave my old job. “Decided” is a big word, I was having a crisis, and I couldn't pretend anymore I was okay or getting better.

I would take advantage of my rare breaks from the biggest (unpaid) job of my life (that is, taking care of two little beings full of energy) to draw. The themes? Without a particular desire to make a statement, I drew bodies, skin, fat, hair and folds, alien heads and headless bodies ... it was my daily meditation to find the resources, and the multiple gazes towards my identities : an autistic queer woman, a migrant, mother of two daughters growing up in fucked up a society.

I have met other people during this journey, and the desire to share has only grown.

Desirenhos (mix of desire, drawing in Brazilian) is born.

Desirenhos are illustrations materialized by various techniques.

The goal is to create everyday objects full of humor, poetry and feminist revolt ;-)

Benvindos !

Desirenhos was created by Raquel Santana de Morais, autistic artist, mom of Coralina and Amalia, born in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil), living, struggling, and working in Brussels :-)